I’m from Toronto, Canada but currently living in Leeds, England.

I first saw the term Champagne Minimalist in a newspaper article. It was being used disparagingly, but nevertheless struck me as a neat term. It seemed to be a bit of an allegory for my lifestyle – quality items whenever possible, even if it means having less stuff overall. And, taking the metaphor even further, I tend to gravitate towards recipes that have small, simple lists of ingredients. If a dish is too complex or seems like a lot of work, I am quite happy to leave it to the professionals (i.e., restaurants).

I didn’t grow up in a “foodie” household or take any formal training in cooking – I just really like to cook when I’m in the mood and a recipe strikes me.  I was quite the baker while in university, especially when something was bothering me. One of my favourite roommates could always tell I was upset when the smell of banana bread, brownies or chocolate chip cookies wafted out from the kitchen!  (hi Julie!) As a relative latecomer to cooking, I started learning about it right when simplicity in cooking and eating for the season became all the rage, thanks to Jamie Oliver, Nigel Slater, Nigella Lawson and Ina Garten.

In addition to writing mainly about food, I recently bought a house in Toronto with my beloved husband and also plan to use this blog to share all the new and interesting experiences we are having at the house. We longed for a house for years before we managed to buy one, and I’m curious to see how the reality will shape up against our years of dreaming.


Welp, as much fun as owning a house in Toronto is, after several happy years our feet got itchy so we are now living in Leeds, England while Jeff takes his masters in music.